Produce yourself Cardboard Pallets otherwise from our industrial License


NEW PACKAGING CONCEPT SAS sells International Licenses Concept under the brand ILTA, allowing you to use solid strategic blocks cardboard to build cardboard pallets standard or specific. Offering variable geometry design choices. Compatible by 3 assemblies solutions structures cubes for the just need, either 100 % reuse cardboard, Hybrid cardboard raw or 100 % new cardboard. To exploit our industrial concept, just a fix license is necessary without counting cube-making, without rental of specific machines, A step by step to start up your future industrialization in your factory. Visible added values as limitation fixed costs, eco-design by optimizing raw material used. New synergy resource are possible between Market Players as Users, Producers, Recyclers, Logistician, Industrial, understand to reuse waste before compact to produce standard or specific Cubes and Cardboard Pallets standards or specifics. It's a good concept to optimize raw material with good performance to carry some goods. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Some added values to build pallets


  • Mix qualities thicknesses cardboard waste and/or new
  • Select sheet floor following technical resquest
  • Possibility of preprint on cubes for best communication
  • Single, double, triple corrugated possible
  • Small, middle, large production
  • Start up business with minimum investment
Select cardboard to make cubes


  • Cardboard structure interior and exterior 100 % Reused for a best conquest market
  • Cardboard structure Hybrid, mix waste and new, interior or outside
  • Cardboard structure interior and outside 100 % New
  • Select your added value depending of the market
  • Before new cardboard, reuse our waste or Customer's waste or rebus stock
  • Build your pallets with the good geometry cube design
Variable geometry design Cubes


  • Select the Height structure cube
  • Select the Length structure cube
  • Select the Width structure cube
  • Select the Composite structure cube
  • Choice added value depending o  the request market
  • Possible to optimize interior structure central
  • Adaptable price to win markets